Paragon Homes

About Us.

With decades of combined experience in the new home building industry, Steve Glover and the team at Paragon Homes design and construct beautiful custom homes for the great people of Toowoomba.

Statement from the Owner

Our Story

At Paragon Homes, we don’t just build houses; we bring to life the very fabric of what you dream your home could be. Tailor-made to echo your personality,lifestyle and individuality.

With over two decades of expertise under our tool belt, our Director Steve Glover is not merely a veteran builder; he’s a custodian of dreams. His journey, which blossomed in September of 2011 with the inception of Paragon Homes, is built on a foundation as sturdy and reliable as the homes we construct.

In our formative years, we followed the beaten path of familiar cookie-cutter building companies — standard plans and inclusions designed to serve the builder’s interests. But as the days unfolded into years, it became crystal clear: this path was not where we would find fulfillment for our clients. It was a mold that could never fit the unique aspirations and desires each client brought to our doorstep. So, we broke the mold.

Paragon Homes reinvented itself with a radical, client-centric approach. We launched our ‘Signature Design Experience’ and haven’t looked back. This isn’t a mere process; it’s a promise. A collaborative journey where we invite you into the heart of our team, ensuring every decision, every detail reflects your wishes.

Your dream home awaits, and it’s not an off-the-shelf product. Instead, it’s a culmination of your desires, brought to life through meticulous design, personalized specifications, and an exceptional journey. You’re not just building a house; you’re crafting your legacy, your sanctuary, your dream—with Paragon Homes, where dreams are not just constructed, but lovingly sculpted, brick by brick, idea by idea, into your perfect reality.

Our Guarantee


Choosing to build your new family home is a huge investment, both financially and emotionally. Through our signature design experience, we engage in open and honest communication, to ensure we design and ultimately create your ideal home.

That includes our inspired conversations for your home design and interior decorating ideas as well as the technical selections, specifications and transparent budgets itemising everything that makes up your new home.

This way we can guarantee that when the time comes to enter into a build contract with us, you will be 100% comfortable with all of the detail, knowing it is the right decision for you.

Building a new home can be complex, but with our guidance, we simplify each step to ensure you always get the best outcome for every step of your building journey up to the day you move in and make your new home truly your own.